Grain Container Packing

At Ultima, we pack grain into twenty foot containers for delivery by rail to the Port of Melbourne. This is a packing and freight service provided to grain marketers in the Mallee region.

Pentarch Agricultural has made another significant investment in the Mallee, to provide access to rail freight options for containerised grains to the growers of the region. The packing and freight service provided by Pentarch helps connect marketers of grain from the Mallee to international trade networks through the maritime gateway of Melbourne.

Some of the grains we pack and deliver are:


Beyond its direct nutritional value, Mallee wheat cultivation contributes indirectly to animal welfare by supporting a diverse and sustainable agricultural ecosystem.


Barley is a versatile grain that serves as an important component of animal feed, offering valuable nutrition to various types of livestock.


Lentils are high in fibre and highly sought after in a number of Asian and subcontinental markets

Pentarch Agricultural continues to invest in marketing and logistics solutions for Mallee growers.

Grain production in the Wimmera and Mallee regions

Victoria’s favourable climate and rich soils form a perfect alliance for the cultivation of various winter crops, nurturing a diverse agricultural landscape. Cereals such as wheat, barley, and oats thrive in these conditions, alongside oilseeds like canola and pulses such as lentils, faba beans, and chickpeas.

Annually, Victoria yields an average of over 5 million tonnes of winter crops, although this figure fluctuates significantly due to the inherent variability of the climate. Furthermore, many farmers capitalise on this bounty by also cultivating hay for livestock fodder, predominantly sourced from oats and vetch.

The epicentre of winter crop production lies in the western and northern regions, particularly in the Wimmera and Mallee areas. However, the agricultural horizon continues to broaden as production extends into the high rainfall zones of southern Victoria, where previously pastoral lands now contribute to the burgeoning winter crop output. This expansion underscores Victoria’s dynamic agricultural sector, adapting and flourishing amidst changing environmental and economic landscapes.

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